Mobile Application Development

Gear up for the latest trends in the market with the mobile apps

Our expertise in every sphere of development technologies including, CSS 3, NATIVE C++, HLSL, XML/C#, JAVASCRIPT, HTML 5, METRO UX, VISUAL STUDIO, and many others make our mobile application development even more innovative and robust.

We are the best in the development of the mobile applications as this stream requires more of the conceptualization rather than just being a better designer. We are at our level best to conceptualize the best of the innovative techniques to be designed at agility and ease.

Fast and fun filled apps with depth in making

We expertise in the development of most dreamt hand held machines

iOS the most adored mobile operating system around the world. Even the user who owns an android phone dreams of using an iPhone alongside. With the latest integrated development environments that have been rolled out by the apple company itself makes it even easier for us to give out the best for our customers.

We put your application to the priority in making the best and rolling out the latest updates as and on with the latest updates rolled out by the apple iOS.

We provide you with the complete bug fixes and maintenance of the application that we are developing for our clients.

The categories of applications that we offer you:

  • iPhone Business application
  • iPhone Multimedia Application
  • iPhone Internet Application
  • iPhone GPS Based Application
  • iPhone Entertainment Application
  • iPhone Gaming Application
  • iPhone Utility application
Simplicity making you to have a stunned make

Catch up with the most used, hand held operating system

Android being the most used mobile operating system has a fresh application entry every moment. We give you the choice of selection for the application category that you would like to develop by Inforlinx.

We make your application ready for the latest upgrades of the android OS releases so that your application can perform faster from the latest upgrades it received from the OS support.

We provide you with the complete bug fixes and maintenance of the application that we are developing for our clients.

We categorically organize the applications and we offer that to you to have a choice of selection from the list:

  • Communication applications
  • Office/Business applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Internet Applications
  • Fun Applications
  • Utility applications
  • Security applications

We even provide you with the freedom of the services that you can avail from us based on the category that you have opted to make the application for.

  • Android Widget Development Services
  • Android Appwidget Development Services
  • Android Product Development Services
  • Android API Customization
  • Android Consulting Services
  • Android Support Maintenance Services
  • Android QA/Testing Services
Custom experience to begin with the custom apps

Get used to the latest releases of the windows mobile applications

Besides from being the most installed PC operating system; the latest launch of the windows handheld sets and the phablets make it even more important for the applications to be developed at a greater pace with the two giant companies’ (Nokia + Microsoft) coming together makes it even more opportunistic to take advantage in developing the best applications for the handheld systems

We provide you with the complete bug fixes and maintenance of the application that we are developing for our clients.

Various categories of the applications include:

  • Messaging & Communication
  • Wireless communication
  • SMS/MMS solutions
  • Multimedia
  • Bluetooth applications
  • GPS Navigation & Tracking solutions
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Mobile books & Dictionaries